Whereas:Gun control militants across the country are trying to seize on national momentum to destroy the Second Amendment; and      
Whereas:      Numerous capitol insiders have informed us that Gov. Mead is urging interim committees to start work on “Emergency Red Flags” gun confiscation orders; and      
Whereas:      Emergency Red Flag Orders would destroy Due Process for gun owners by allowing gun-confiscation at ex- parte hearings where a gun owner isn’t even allowed to offer a defense; and      
Whereas:      Not only are protection orders as worthless as the paper they are written on, but this system can easily be abused to gin up support for divorce and child custody cases;   
Therefore:      As a law-abiding voter, I insist you publicly oppose, block in committee, and vote ‘NO’ on any votes regarding “Emergency Red Flags” gun-control proposals!

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Petition to the Wyoming Legislature


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