Dear Second Amendment Supporter,

Thank you for your signed petition against the proposed “Emergency Red Flags Orders.”

As you know, gun-grabbers across the country are on the warpath against our rights, looking for any chance they get to get the ‘camel’s nose under the tent’ to try to restrict our Second Amendment rights.

And with Governor Mead reportedly telling interim committees to work on advancing ‘Red Flag Orders’ gun control -- they just might succeed.

Now isn't the time to compromise and make deals with the radical gun control lobby! As we keep seeing nationwide and in nearby Colorado, anti-gunners won’t stop until we are disarmed!

Now is the time to STAND and FIGHT!

That’s why I’m asking for your most generous contribution to our efforts to mobilize gun owners against their “Emergency Red Flags Orders” legislation here in Wyoming.

Whether you can afford a significant contribution of $200 or $100, or whether $50 or $25 is more manageable, whatever amount you can afford will be IMMEDIATELY put to use getting the word out to more gun owners, to help us in this fight.

Please do what you can, right away!

For Freedom,

David Ball

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